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Who We Are

​​United Arab emirates was one of the leading countries who realized the importance of food security in its developmental journey. Since its inception until today, this interest in food security have taken it’s organizational and administrational form in the last couple of years. In 2008 when some of the food items have gone up in price, a committee was formed to cover Emirate of Abu Dhabi called “food security committee”.


The committee prime objective is to develop and approve the food security strategy in addition to make a strategic reserve available across all emirates of UAE. This effort has been translated in 2010 when the government established Food Security Centre which developed the food security strategy for UAE.


Also, the food security center focus on updating the strategies, rules, policies and procedures to further develop food security.


The establishment of FSCAD was announced in 2010 to enable all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates to have access to healthy, nutritious and safe food, in all circumstances, including crisis and emergency situations.


The food security subject considered one of the main topics due to the increasing supply and demand, food security does not only have an economic and social impact, but also has complex dimensions from a political and tragic perspectives. As a result, the establishment of food security center came as one of many steps that UAE have taken in parallel with Abu Dhabi Government instructions to achieve sustainability in all life areas and to enable all locals and residents of UAE to obtain healthy food with sufficient nutritional value safely in all circumstances including emergencies and crisis. FSCAD establishment was also intended to reinforce efforts made to boost food security on the individual, state and global levels​​


FSCAD is mandated to implement food security strategies across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and to develop policies and legislations in this regard. In addition, it supervises the collection and management of an emergency stockpile of food with food security partners in collaboration with the private sector. It is also responsible for preparing and overseeing the implementation of contingency plans for food security. Its mandate also includes raising the locals’ and residents’ awareness about food security, supporting the increase in the domestic agricultural and animal production and helping achieve self-sufficiency in some food supplies through adopting the best international practices. Food is prioritized on Abu Dhabi Government agenda because it is a dire daily need for community and because food security is as important as national security.   ​​


Food security comprises four priorities:
  1. How available is the food  (Availability).
  2. How accessible is the food(Accessibility).
  3. The financial ability to obtain the food(Affordability).
  4. Food availability at all times and circumstances  (Stability).